We create high performing teams and leaders

With our proven expertise in conflict management, executive and team coaching, mediation and facilitation, Balanced Curve designs and delivers memorable, results-driven programs that improve individual and organisational performance.

Balanced Curve programs are designed
to help our clients:
  • Master difficult conversations and successfully manage conflict
  • Develop executive-level leadership skills
  • Build highly productive teams
  • Achieve successful outcomes by mediating discussions and facilitating activities

The approach of our team, led by Mark Rosenberg, is unique and our goal is simple: to help leaders, managers and their teams to improve their performance.

Since 2008, we’ve helped dozens of Australia’s leading organisations and Government departments.

Recent Articles

Leadership and the constant danger of Overconfidence
21st October 2019

A Shelley Gare article in the SMH Good Weekend (25 May 2019) throws doubt on the success of the decades of academic and consultancy effort intended to improve leadership skills in business.   Titled “How phonies and self-promoters came to rule the world” Gare writes that the world has become so obsessed with money and so…

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Dealing with really difficult bosses
2nd April 2019

Some bosses seem to be permanently ensconced at the high end of the “difficult to deal with” continuum. They don’t just have their moments – they’re frequently really difficult to deal with. Under pressure they’re intransigent, aggressive, and highly emotional. Think Donald Trump. Bill Eddy, President of the High Conflict Institute, suggests that approximately 15%…

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Being “Fair”. Can You Be Fair to Everyone?
6th September 2017

In a recent blog I talked about relationship trust and how it was critical to a leader’s credibility.   Important to building this trust is making decisions that are seen as “fair to everyone” – something easier said than done.  How can a leader make decisions that everyone involved see as fair? In business, team leaders…

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