Our Team

Balanced Curve is led by Mark Rosenberg, an accredited executive coach and mediator, who works with a group of high caliber Associate Coaches. All Associate Coaches have extensive professional experience as senior managers and coaches and share a passion for creating high performing organisations.

Mark Rosenberg

Mark is an executive coach, facilitator and mediator with proven expertise in creating higher performing leaders and teams. His extensive “real world” experience prior to forming Balanced Curve – as a lawyer, retail operations manager,…

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Dr John Waters

John helps leaders to create robust strategic plans that are successfully implemented by their teams. His expertise in management of technology, marketing new products, and strategic planning is gained from a distinguished career as practitioner,…

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Margaret Scott

Margaret is an accomplished consultant and executive coach with a proven record of outcomes across health, environment and human services issues at local, regional, state and national levels. She has provided coaching and team development…

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Monica Cable

Monica is an executive coach and coach supervisor with extensive experience in coaching high-potential individuals and facilitating workshops for senior leadership teams on building teams and increasing engagement and performance. She encourages clients to discover…

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